Ultimate Zombie Special Offer!!

Have you heard about the Zombie Secret..?

How is it that a shambling, putrid mound of flesh with no brain function and an insatiable desire to eat human flesh, has been able to take over the whole world?

How can zombies keep going for hour after hour without getting tired?

Learn how you too can enjoy a better life by practicing the secrets of the Zombie.


After incorporating the exercises in this plan, I’m pleased to say I lost 10 pounds. The amazing thing was I never had any cravings for sweets or chocolate. I simply ate more of the recommended foods in the plan and my cravings disappeared. I admit I had some misgivings about eating human flesh, but when I saw the results, I knew it was worth it.

Brian Simpson, UK



I was just like you. I used to be overweight, stressed with low energy levels.

When I took my top off, I couldn’t see my feet. Even walking round the block tired me out. I was so scared that I wouldn’t be able to outrun zombies, I stayed indoors all day. I ate junk food and watched hour after hour of mind-putrifying daytime TV. Naturally I put on more weight and became even more unhealthy.

And then I discovered a new program that drastically changed my body, made me fitter and increased my energy levels higher than they had ever been before. The results were so amazing; I knew that other people needed to know this program so they too could be fitter, healthier and happier.

J, founder of the Ultimate Zombie Foundation


Me: After following the Ultimate Zombie Diet Plan


Get the body you want in 30 days
Become stronger, faster and leaner with:

The Ultimate Zombie Exercise & Diet Plan:
The Undead Guide to Health and Fitness

ultzombie pic

(Available on Amazon US, Amazon UK & Amazon EU)

I really hated going on diets. I hated restricting what I ate. I could do it by willpower for a few weeks but then it would become too much and I’d go back to my old eating habits. That’s why the Ultimate Zombie Diet plan was so good. I actually ate more food on the plan, but ended up losing more weight. I suppose the only difficult thing about the diet was pulling out internal organs. It could get a little messy.

   Melisa Carter, Canada


I suffered with work stress so much in my last job. Constant deadlines, long nights, annoying bosses and co-workers. But the Ultimate zombie plan changed all that for me. I followed the exercises in this book and my stress levels just completely disappeared – along with my boss and co-workers when I hounded them through the corridors and ripped the skin off their faces.

  George Marlin, US


100,000 people helped worldwide!


If someone you love, if stressed and unhealthy, then this will be the most important thing you will ever read.


Too many people see the zombies as a negative force on this world. But if we only stop and observe them for a while instead of being too quick to slam their brains in, we will see that they have a lot to teach us about health and fitness.

    Professor Hardy Williams, Ultimate Zombie Research Foundation


The Zombie secrets to super strength and eternal life (after death) are revealed in this remarkable breakthrough Exercise and Diet Plan. Learn the zombie secrets. Take back you own life

Lose weight
• Increase your energy levels
• Save time preparing meals (by hunting humans)
• Learn the important of enzymes and raw human meat
• Increase your strength and stamina
• Learn a plan that takes less than 30 minutes exercise a day

And all of this can be achieved without:
Spending money on expensive supplements
• Buying expensive gym memberships
• Spending money on weapons or even kitchen utensils
• Even spending money on groceries

Dear Reader
Ever since the onset of the zombie apocalypse, the world had become overrun with the zombie menace. Friends and family members were eaten. People lost their jobs. It was very stressful for so many people. A great many people turned to comfort eating junk foods and TV watching to deal with the stress and to avoid the terror outside. I was the same. I stopped exercising because going to the gym became too dangerous. I lived on tinned peaches and frozen meals. This lifestyle made more put on weight. My skin became bad and I started to run out of breath just climbing the stairs. I became depressed and unmotivated. I had late nights and slept in all day.

And then one day I removed some of the boards from my window and looked out. I looked at the zombies. There they were just shambling around – unwavering, untiring, always on the lookout for human flesh. When they found someone, they could explode into activity and had the strength to rip arms off bodies and pull out internal organs just with their bare hands They could go for days, weeks even months. And I came to a shocking conclusion -– Zombies are actually fitter and stronger than the average human. From then on, I wanted to know what was the zombie secret to their power.

Could humans have the same power if we followed the same habits as the zombie?
After three years of searching for answers, discussing with top Zombie researchers and experimenting with many types of zombie lifestyle habits and food choices, I developed this revolutionary new plan and recorded it in – The Ultimate Zombie Exercise & Diet Book

Are you suffering from any of these problems?

Food cravings (especially for sweets, chocolate or buns)?
• Still feeling tired when you wake up in the morning
• Can’t fall asleep easily at night
• Bored of conventional diets and exercise plans
• Have people in your life that annoy and irritate you and would like a practical solution to get rid of   them without leaving any evidence behind

If you suffer from any of these problems, then rest assured. The answers lie in this book:

The Ultimate Zombie Exercise & Diet Book:
The Undead Guide to Health and Fitness

ultzombie pic

(available on Amazon US, Amazon UK & Amazon EU)


Success Story #1: Lilly Chen, Interior Decorator

Dear J,
I don’t know what I would have done without your plan. I was a size 16. Every attempt to get fit and go on diets had failed. With the onset of the zombie pandemic, I just stayed at home binge eating and feeling depressed. My husband and all my friends had been eaten and turned into zombies and I had no motivation to get up each day. I really considered just going out the front door and becoming zombie-nosh.
And then I stumbled across your program. In my town there was a local Ultimate Zombie Exercise and Diet Program Class. They asked me to come in and have a free trial and I must admit, even though it seemed a bit strange, everyone was nice and seemed well educated. Every week, we would learn about one aspect of the Ultimate Zombie Plan. In my first lesson, we learnt about the inferiority of human foods and how it is far more beneficial to hunt down and eat humans. I was hooked and became a regular member of the club.
I’m now a size 8. I can’t believe it. I haven’t been this size since I was in my early twenties. My energy levels are much higher and I feel more positive. I’ve also made a whole new bunch of friends in my local Ultimate Zombie group. We go hunting together. I can’t wait to get up in the morning to face the day.

Thank you J for making all this possible
Lilly Chen, Singapore

Success Story #2: Laura Cunnings, IT manager

Dear J,

Just a quick hey and whats-ups.

I really want to say thanks for you guide. Its been a life-changer and I mean LIFE-CHANGER with capital letters – thats how great it has been!

You see, I used to struggle with my weight. I had a stressful job as an IT manager. I had lots of demands at work and to cope with it – well I turned to comfort eating. I’d snack all day – cookies, chips, and I was a latte-holic. And well I ballooned.

But, you know my sister told me she was getting married. It was great, except for her bridesmaids and their snobby attitudes. They’re these of ex high-school sorority cheer leaders. (Couldn’t stand them). And then, after the wedding, I saw these pictures of me next to these barbies and I thought “Oh hell no – ” thats not me and I knew I had to change.

So I chanced upon the Ultimate Zombie Diet Plan and thought, well why not. Your writing made perfect sense and at this point, I was desperate. And the results were amazing.

First, I hunted, slaughtered and ate all my co-workers. And you know what? – my work stress decreased by 80%. But I knew I had to do more, so I hunted, slaughtered and ate my sister’s bridesmaids. Serves them right for looking better than me in those wedding picture!

I’ve got to say, I’ve been feeling great with this new Ultimate Zombie Exercise Plan and my life has become better.

Thanks John and if you’re ever in California, look me up 😉

Laura, California, USA


We’re been so mi-educated in lift that we think we have all the answers. But if that’s the case, why is it that so many are unhealthy, in bad shape and depressed? Well, the answer is simple.

Do you want to know the one secret to fitness that all zombies know but humans don’t.

Humans are designed to use their bodies… But as they get smarter and develop new technologies they use them less.

The zombies are too dumb to use technology, so they use their bodies more as nature intended.

Therefore the zombies can easily lose weight and build 6 Packs!

It’s that simple.


To Be Continued…


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